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Audionamix is a company that uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to create innovative software products that can isolate and extract different tracks from a stereo mix. One of its latest products is XTRAX STEMS, an app that can automatically split any song into three separate tracks: drums, vocals and the rest of the music. This is an impressive feat of audio engineering that can have many applications for music producers, remixers and DJs.

XTRAX STEMS is designed to be easy to use and fast to process. Users can simply drag and drop any audio file into the app and choose from four different separation algorithms: Automatic, Generic, Acoustic or Bass Boosted. The app will then generate the three stems in a matter of minutes, which can be exported as individual WAV files or as a Native Instruments Stems file.

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The app also allows users to refine the separation results with a set of intuitive tools. Users can adjust the volume, pan and mute of each stem, as well as use the De-bleed slider to reduce unwanted bleed from other stems. Users can also use the advanced spectral editing feature to fine-tune the frequency and time domain of each stem, removing unwanted noises or enhancing certain elements.

XTRAX STEMS is a powerful and versatile app that can open up new possibilities for music creation and manipulation. Users can use it to create acapellas and instrumentals for remixing, sampling and karaoke, to practice and perform along with isolated tracks, to transcribe and learn songs by ear, or to simply explore and enjoy their favorite music in a new way. 29c81ba772


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