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Gravely Commercial 10 Serial Number


Model D Walk-Behind TractorsInstruction Book And Illustrated Parts List For Model D Gravely Tractor And Gravely Mower Attachments (June 1936) 2.6 MB (posted 02/13/07)The Gravely Parts List And Instruction Manual for the 2 H.P. Model "D" (circa 1953) 11.3 MB (posted 05/25/11)This manual is for the English Model D assembled and distributed by Gravely Overseas Ltd., Buckfastleigh, Devon, England. For potential American readers it contains footnotes explaining that "petrol" is "gasoline" and "parrafin" is "kerosene". Other footnotes show the American equivalents of the recommended British lubricants. It is undated, but must be 1953 or later because the parent company is shown as Gravely Tractors, Inc. The name change from Gravely Motor Plow and Cultivator Company to Gravely Tractors, Inc. was announced to dealers in January 1953.The Gravely Parts List And Instruction Manual for the 2 H.P. Model "D" 12 MB (posted 05/25/11)Another undated edition of the English Model D manual, but in a slightly larger page format. Someone has anotated this one by hand with colored pencils to show parts interchangeability with the American Model D. A red dash next to a part name means it is not interchangeable. A green dash means it is interchangeable. A yellow bracket spanning a group of parts means they are interchangeable as an assembly. On most pages these notations are too faint to see on the digital copy. I'm investigating ways to remedy that.Carburateur Comiot-Gravely Modele D (undated) 492 KB (posted 06/27/10)French illustrated parts list for the Model D Carburetor. Undated. Model L (5 HP & 6.6 HP) & Model C (Convertible7.6)Gravely-Engined Walk-Behind TractorsOwner's ManualsInstruction Book andIllustrated Parts List For Model L Gravely Tractor (circa 1938) 3.4 MB (posted 05/25/11)Gravely used this small 5 " by 8 " manual format from 1938 through 1948, but none of them show publication dates. This one has "1937" written in pencil on the cover, but the form number is "MS-38", the parts lists on its pages show many parts for 1937 tractors as different from the then-current parts, most of the photos show the post-1937 single-filler fuel tank, and the PTO operating instructions are for the post-1937 PTO control. I believe this manual is the 1938 edition, but can't be 100% sure. Later editions of the small-format manual add suffix letters to the "MS-38" form number, for example "MS-38-D".Instruction Book andIllustrated Parts List For Model L Gravely Tractor and Attachments(circa 1948) 7.6 MB (posted 09/07/04)This is form number "MS-38-D", and I believe it is the final small-format edition of the Model L Instruction Manual. This one accompanied a 1948 Model L (serial number 33802) delivered new on August 10, 1948. The print quality of this copy is poor by Gravely's usual standards, and that in combination with small print and the small 5 " by 8 " format makes it difficult to read. Click here to download an enlarged version. It is a larger file (10.1 MB), but easier to read.Instruction Manual IllustratedParts & Price List For The Model L Gravely Tractor & Attachments(Feb 1951) 12.7 MB (posted 06/24/04)Gravely (Model L) Instruction Manual (1955) 7 MB (posted 10/24/04)Gravely (Model L) InstructionManual (1960) 3.2 MB (posted 09/19/03)Gravely (Model L) Instruction Manual (1963) 14.5 MB (posted 10/31/11)Undated, but the "G" Manufacturing Number prefix on the sample ID plate and photos showing the post-1962 cosmetically modernized Model L are consistent with 1963.Gravely (Model L) InstructionManual (Mar 1964) 11.2 MB (posted 06/24/04) Gravely (Model L) Owner's Manual (Oct 1964) 8.9 MB (posted 06/26/05)Gravely (Model L) Owner's Manual(circa 1965-66) 10.6 MB (posted 05/31/04)Undated, but covers the 6.6 HP Model L in its cosmetically modernized 1963 -1966 form. Includes the MA210 Snow Blower, so is probably 1965 or1966.Gravely (Model L) Owner's Manual (May 1966) 6 MB (posted 01/05/12)A different printing than the circa 1965-66 manual listed above,


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