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When you choose to compete in the World Cup, you have the option of playing through one of six regional qualifying competitions from around the world, or jumping straight in as one of the 32 teams participating in the finals in Germany FIFA 23 coins. The default settings for the World Cup mode will see your chosen team being pitted against the same opponents that they'll be facing in June, but you'll also have the option to randomize the groups or switch some of the teams around manually. You can even move teams that failed to qualify into the final 32 if you wish, provided the team in question is one of the 127 (there are 205 teams in FIFA's world rankings) that made it into the game.

If you choose to play in a qualifying competition, you'll likely have a squad of around 40 players to choose from before each match. When you head to the finals, though, each team is only permitted a squad of 23, so you'll have to decide which players are making the trip to Germany and which ones you'll be leaving at home.

When playing in the World Cup finals, every match in 2022 FIFA World Cup is preceded by some really impressive shots of the accurately re-created stadiums which are, of course, full to capacity with supporters releasing balloons and such. You can skip all of the TV-style prematch stuff if you like, but we definitely felt that it added something to the whole experience of the game by emphasizing just how important every single match is to the fans and to the players involved. Further World Cup television authenticity comes courtesy of the commentary team, which cheap FUT 23 coins, although occasionally repetitive, appears to do a good job of reporting on matches both accurately and enthusiastically.


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