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Jose Louton
Jose Louton

[P3Dv4] Aerosoft - Berlin-Tegel Professional V1.01 Hack Pc

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As the Airport Berlin isnt operational yet, Berlin-Tegel (EDDT, TXL) still holds all the reasons for its further existence for at least the next couple of years both in real life and in Flight Simulation. This has given us enough reason to completely remodel the current state of the airport authentically. Even though the airport Tegel will finally be closed one day, those nostalgic pilots will still be able to approach the airport on the FlightSim platform. Read more...

The main reason we started to develop the Airport Controller was we wanted to use only pure FSX technology with models and shaders it offers. And it is not possible to combine with widely used old ground poly approach (various hacks, SCASM etc.). This draw in several consequent technologies/approaches and it turns out we need a utility which will drive all that stuff. This was a dawn of the APC. Well, it is a new technology so there are issues some users have to cope with on start, unfortunately. But we already see that our decision to use pure FSX technology was really good. Prague Airport is first scenery using APC in full range and people already reports very good performance for an airport of such size. Even more on better-average machines they say theres almost no FPS drop.

Mega Airport Prague is the first airport fully controlled by Airport Controller (Split, Zurich and Berlin-Tegel uses just part of it). The Airport Controller is a technology which should raise the bar a bit. The main purposes of APC are to avoid ground poly flickering, controlling PAPI lights, windsocks, low visibility procedures and visual docking system. The Airport Controller is just technology behind and it was never intended to be controlled manually hence there is also no manual for it. 3d9ccd7d82


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